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Supercollider Ident Collaboration Project

"A new channel is launching... The channel will showcase creative content and practitioners, focusing on collaboration across spaces and disciplines. Your task is to make a motion based ident for the channel, encompassing the spirit of creativity and collaboration. Launching in 2021, it is important the ident reflects the current climate for creatives; woking from home, collaboration from afar and using what resources are available."


For this project I worked collaboratively with three of my peers, we decided to name our channel 'Pause'. Initially we had lots of ideas for our ident, but once we put the focus onto the content of our channel and let that inform the ident we decided that we wanted the ident to be a moment of calm for creatives during the busy world of lockdown. The ident shows the collision between night and day, because we have found that in lockdown, due to working from home, creatives no longer work in between set hours.

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