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'1984' George Orwell

'1984' is a response to the 'Open|Close' brief from the ISTD Student Assessment Scheme 2023. 

One of the key themes of ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ is the control of information and history, which is the theme I decided to explore visually. In the opening chapter (Part 1, Chapter 1), Winston is unaccepting of the Party, and is challenging it by hiding a diary from the telescreen and committing thoughtcrime. However, in the closing chapter (Part 3, Chapter 6), Winston accepts everything the Party says and does, resulting in a newfound love for Big Brother. 


I decided to examine ‘1984’ from the point of view of the Party. Therefore, in the opening chapter has everything but the lines “Big Brother is watching you”, and the slogans of the Party redacted as this is the only information the Party would want the reader to know. Due to Winston’s newfound love of Big Brother by the closing chapter, the Party has not redacted any of the text but has highlighted key phrases. If this design was to be expanded throughout the whole novel, then the Party would redact less and less in each chapter as Winston comes to love Big Brother and is accepting of the Party’s beliefs. 

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